For AWS-hosted events

If you are participating in this workshop at an AWS-hosted event using Event Engine and a provided AWS account, you do not need to complete this module. We will cleanup all managed accounts afterwards on your behalf.

For non-AWS hosted events

💡 The following steps are used to cleanup all resources provisioned by this workshop to ensure there is no further usage of these services metered against your AWS account.

  1. Delete the RiderPhotoProcessing state machine from the AWS Step Functions console.

  2. Delete the wildrydes-step-module-resources AWS CloudFormation stack that launched the AWS Lambda functions, Amazon S3 buckets and Amazon DynamoDB table.

    • In the AWS CloudFormation Management Console, select the wildrydes-step-module-resources stack.

    • Select Delete Stack under Actions.

    Delete cloudformation stack
    • Click Yes, Delete
  3. Delete the Amazon Rekognition collection.

    • In a terminal window, run the following command and replace the REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_CHOSEN_AWS_REGION portion with the AWS region you have used.

        aws rekognition delete-collection --collection-id rider-photos --region us-east-1 	
    • If successful, you should get an acknowledgment from the service that looks like:

      	"StatusCode": 200